• Why do we rehome horses?

We work hard to find loving, knowledgeable forever homes for as many of the horses in our care as we can. All of them deserve the chance to have a fulfilling life in a new home where they can enjoy one-to-one care and attention, whether that’s as a companion or a ridden horse.

Each time a horse is rehomed, a space becomes free and we can rescue another horse. This enables us to continue to play an active part in the rescue and rehabilitation of the many more horses in desperate need of our help.

  • How does your rehoming scheme work?

Our ponies and horses are rehomed on a permanent loan basis, once we are sure you and the horse are perfectly matched.

  • What different loan schemes do you offer?

We have three specially designed loan schemes; Our ever popular Standard Loan, Prime Pastures, offering veterinary support and Play School, helping to give the best start possible to young horses.

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  • Do I live within your rehoming area?

We rehome within South West England and parts of South Wales. To see if you’re within our rehoming area, see our rehoming map.

  • What benefits do get if I rehome from you?

We make sure each horse undergoes a thorough veterinary and behavioural assessment as well as comprehensive training while they’re with us. This means that we get to know them very well so when it’s time to find them a new home, we can successfully match them with the most suitable applicant.

It’s not in the interests of the Sanctuary or the horse for us to match you with an unsuitable animal. We always describe the horses completely honestly, as well as providing you with their full veterinary history. In addition to this, we are always available to offer help and advice even after you have taken your new horse home.

  • Can I rehome if I am under 18?

No, the person named on the loan agreement, and therefore taking ultimate responsibility for the horse must be over 18. It doesn’t mean that someone under 18 cannot be involved in riding or caring for the horse.

  • Can I rehome a horse if I have no experience?

Although you don’t necessarily have to have had your own horse before, we do ask that you have some experience of caring for horses before taking on this big responsibility. We would encourage you to gain experience before applying. You could do this by volunteering with us.

  • Will I own the horse?

Horses remain in the Sanctuary’s ownership and are rehomed with you on a loan basis.

  • Can my horse live out 24/7?

Each horse is different, however we firmly believe that horses benefit greatly from living out as much as possible. Many of our horses and ponies are hardy creatures who can live out 24/7.

  • Can I keep the horse on its own?

We only rehome our horses in an environment where they will have equine company in the same paddock. Horses are herd animals and interaction with other horses is very important to them and allows them to exhibit beneficial natural behaviour.

  • How many times do I need to try the horse?

It depends on the horse. We always try to make the rehoming process as easy and smooth as possible. Usually it’s between one and four visits, but it can be more if your chosen horse takes a long time to get used to new people.

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  • Do you need to inspect my premises?

Yes. We visit each prospective new home before the horse moves there, to make sure it’s safe and suitable for them. To see what we look for on this visit click here.

  • Why do you visit me and my horse?

We are committed to ensuring a long and happy partnership between you and your Sanctuary horse.  We ensure regular contact with all of our carers and love to hear how well the horses are doing in their new homes. It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions and get free advice and for us to see that the horse is settled and content. We also take this opportunity to ensure that the environment is still safe, secure and appropriate for your horse’s needs.

  • How often will you visit us?

We’ll visit you one month after you take your new horse home to ensure that you and your horse are happy with your new partnership.  After that, we’ll visit quarterly. This gradually increases to bi-annually, then annual visits.

  • What happens on a home visit?

Your home visit will usually last 20-30 minutes. Your Home Visitor will need to see the horse for a short health check as well as any grazing, stabling or field shelters your horse has access to. You’ll be able to ask questions as well as tell us how you’ve been getting on together.

  • What happens if I move house?

You’ll need to keep us updated with your new address and contact details so we can contact you regarding your Sanctuary horse. If you want to move your horse to new premises, you’ll need to let us know in advance so we can arrange a new Pre-homing Visit. Horses should not be moved to premises we have not seen.

  • Do you offer support after I have taken my horse home?

Yes. We offer free advice at home visits as well as by e-mail or phone. A member of our Equine Team will be happy to help or advise you.

  • Will my horse come with its tack and rugs?

No, unfortunately we cannot provide tack, rugs or other equipment with the horses we rehome. There are simply too many of them. We need to use our equipment for the many other horses we have in training.

  • Can you deliver the horse to me?

Carers are responsible for arranging all transport. Unfortunately our staff simply don’t have the time to transport horses to and from loan homes.

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  • Why do I need insurance?

Having suitable public liability insurance is necessary to safeguard you against any potential claims resulting from the actions of any horses in your care. This is the only type of insurance we ask you to have in place. Anything further – such as veterinary insurance – is your choice to put in place if you wish.

  • Who is responsible for veterinary fees?

Carers are responsible for the full cost and care of their Sanctuary horse. Some of our loan schemes include financial assistance towards certain veterinary costs, but this is by prior arrangement only. Find out more here.

  • Why do I need to provide a reference?

We have a responsibility to all our horses to ensure their needs continue to be met in their new home. We believe they have suffered enough and deserve safety and security. Your reference assists us in determining your suitability for your chosen horse.

  • What happens if I can no longer keep the horse?

If you can no longer keep a horse you’ve rehomed, you can return them to the Sanctuary. We hope that each horse goes to a new home for life but we understand that peoples’ circumstances can change unexpectedly. To return your horse, you’d need to call our equine team. We ask for two weeks’ notice so we can make sure there is a space available.

  • Do you charge a rehoming fee?

We currently do not charge a rehoming fee. However, a deposit of £30 is required to cover the horse’s passport and is payable on or before collection. This is refundable when the passport is returned providing vaccinations are fully up to date.