Rehoming Schemes

  •  Standard

Our long-running rehoming scheme that has found many horses loving homes.

Please Note: With all our schemes – Standard, Prime Pastures and Play School  – we do not charge a rehoming fee. However, a deposit of £30 is required to cover the horse’s passport and is payable on or before collection. This is refundable when the passport is returned providing vaccinations are fully up to date.


  • Prime Pastures Loan Scheme


We are looking for very special 5* loving homes for each of the horses listed under the Prime Pastures Loan Scheme.  You do not need extensive experience in horse care, we are just looking for dedicated and understanding homes.  Some of these horses have been residents of the Sanctuary for a long time and they now deserve to find loving long term homes as companions or pets, to live out their retirement years with lots of pampering, TLC and attention.This loan scheme is tailored to the specific needs of rescued horses and ponies who have known veterinary issues which are effectively managed with medications.  Often these horses are overlooked by prospective families or carers due to concerns about their health, suitability or the costs associated with their care.

Horses and ponies loaned under this scheme are eligible for financial support for routine veterinary care and medication. The Sanctuary also offers support and advice over the telephone, at home visits or via email if at any time you have concerns or questions regarding your horse’s health, behaviour or general care.

Every horse has a comprehensive health check and behavioural assessment prior to being loaned out, their veterinary history is provided and staff in our Equine Department can answer any queries you may have about taking on the care and responsibility of a Prime Pasture horse or pony.  Please see Prime Pastures Loan Terms and Conditions


  • Play School Loan Scheme – Temporary Loan


A foal’s formative years are often the most influential time of their lives.  Caring for youngsters can be very rewarding, building a strong bond between horse and handler.  If you have experience and the time to commit to continue basic training, handling and socialisation of a youngster this may be the scheme for you.

Our young horses receive training in everyday situations such as handling, grooming, leading and loading.  When you take your young horse home you’ll be responsible for their continued handling training, and if you choose to start their training for ridden work, you’ll be able to do this too, once the horse is mature enough and ready for this.

Carers who are able to take one or more young horses under the Play School Scheme are able to choose from the following options once their foal is ready to back and begin ridden work:

  1. Back and bring on your own foal at home, with support from the Sanctuary.
  2. Return the horse to the Sanctuary for us to back and rehome as a ridden horse/pony and choose to loan another foal under the Play School Scheme.
  3. Keep the horse as a companion, transferring him or her to the Standard Loan Scheme.

Youngsters rehomed under the Play School Loan Scheme are eligible for financial support to the value of 50% of some of their routine veterinary care for the duration of the Play School Loan.  Added benefits for carers includes practical advice at home visits, over the telephone or email.  This is initially a temporary loan until the individual horse or pony is mature; once he or she is mature The Sanctuary will liaise with you to find the best way forward for you and your horse.

This is a flexible agreement offering various options to you and your youngster.  Regular Play School carers will find that caring for youngsters is a great way to help the Sanctuary. Taking on a horse, giving him or her the best start to life as well as making one more valuable space within the Sanctuary, enables us to rescue and rehabilitate even more horses and ponies who are in need of help.

Please see Play School Loan Scheme Terms and Conditions