Companion Horses

Age: 11 years old (Born 2012)

Gender: Mare

Colour: Black

Height: 11HH

Trinity is good to catch, lead and groom and is generally calm and relaxed in most situations.

Trinity is being rehomed as a non ridden companion.

Trinity is good to catch, lead and groom and is generally calm and relaxed in most situations. She would be happy to go for in hand walks and has done a little bit of agility in the past.

She is good with the vet and farrier. Trinity does not like being left by herself as she can get very attached to her friends, so needs a home where she will not be left by herself. Trinity is in a mixed herd and doesn’t seem to have a preference. She seems to fit well within the herd.

Her ideal home would be a yard with other equines with similar restricted grazing requirements. Due to her type, she will need restricted grazing to avoid obesity.

Become a Sanctuary at Home Carer

To help you become a Sanctuary at Home Carer, we have a dedicated team managing our scheme and their job is to help find the right equine for you and then support you throughout your rehoming experience.

Our Pathways

We have three rehoming pathways within our Sanctuary at Home scheme. These are:

Prime Pastures

This scheme enables us to rehome horses and ponies with long-term medical conditions that are manageable. You'll be required to help support their condition with regular monitoring and we contribute towards the costs of their veterinary treatments.


Working alongside us to socialise and train young or rideable horses for future work in our education programmes. You'll help provide a home setting for these horses to mature before returning to the Sanctuary for further assessment. We work closely with you to keep up to date records of their training, achievements, milestones, setbacks and all aspects of their care.


Means you help provide a sanctuary at home for as many years as you can for a horse or pony from our charity on a loan basis.