Honouring our volunteers
June 1, 2020
June 2, 2020

Sadly, some rescued horses and ponies who arrive here have endured the most terrible trauma and from Aura’s behaviour we knew that she had suffered more than most. The 12hh Appaloosa mare was found alone on Dartmoor, seriously underweight, very poorly and horribly stressed.

In fact, Aura remained so terrified she lost almost all her coat and stood at the back of her stable with her head against the wall fearful of being approached. It was almost impossible to get near her and it took the grooms a long time to gain enough trust for her to want to spend any time with humans.

We are delighted to share that after six years of gentle rehabilitation, Aura finally overcame her fears. Our grooms celebrated her every small achievement, from allowing us to place a head collar on her for the first time to calmly undergoing vet checks and willingly being loaded onto a lorry. Finally, Aura was ready for a new home.

Then Kim came along, who was looking for a companion for her cob. She said: “I had come to meet a different pony but spotted Aura in the distance and asked to meet her. I knew instantly that she was the pony for me and felt I could offer her the same level of love and safety she received at the Sanctuary.”

Aura is now looking forward to a happy future with Kim. What an achievement for her – and for us!