River & Ruby
June 2, 2020
June 2, 2020

Quest was abandoned with two other ponies. On arrival, he was malnourished and suffering from both internal and external parasites.

It took a long time but, under our care, Quest eventually regained his health and began his ridden training.

Quest’s incredibly calm temperament made him perfect working with our education team on our Equine Assisted Learning programmes.

Through 2018 he was part of a pilot scheme in which a group of young adults worked and spent time with a group of our more people-orientated horses and ponies. The scheme proved invaluable to those young people taking part. However, the welfare of our horses and ponies is always our top priority and we know that our horses and ponies benefit, as much as the people.

Horses and ponies like Quest, who enjoy being ridden, find that their worlds become bigger and more interesting as they go out and about with the young people who come to the Mare and Foal Sanctuary. Our rescued animals really enjoy the one-on-one interactions and have an incredible ability to build healing relationships with people in ways that we could not have imagined.