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January 24, 2020
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Santo’s Story

It’s always wonderful to follow the journey of a pony like Santo – from his rescue as a bedraggled semi-feral, starving youngster to his arrival in a new and loving home.

Santo remained unclaimed and unwanted in 2016 following a large scale round up on Bodmin Moor. He was in terrible condition, severely underweight and completely unhandled.

But, following several vet visits and buckets of kindness and care from our expert grooms, Santo transformed into a beautiful, well behaved young gelding who was finally ready to join our Rehoming Scheme.

Santo has been with his new carer – Wendy Snape – for three months and he is thriving in a home where he is regarded as part of the family.

Wendy said: “In this short time Santo has captured our hearts. We love him so much but, I think our other pony Star and Santo love each other more!

“They have become best friends and are always grazing together, resting or just getting up to
mischief running around the field.

“Star is definitely the boss, but Santo happily obliges. They are very trusting of each other and Santo likes to sneak up to Star when she is having a nap to wake her up!

“I am delighted with Santo. I couldn’t have found a better companion for Star and I would definitely recommend rehoming from The Mare and Foal Sanctuary. I can’t wait for his next home visit and to show off how well he is doing.”





Thanks to our amazing carers, our rescued horses and ponies are able to live happy lives and be loved by someone special. We simply couldn’t do it without them.

And every pony leaving for a new home frees up stable space for another horse or pony in desperate need of our help and expert care.

For more on the horses and ponies currently available for rehoming visit our Rehoming Page at