December 11, 2019
December 11, 2019

Storm Cloud has completely transformed the life of Lucia, an autistic eight-year-old who has won more than 60 rosettes and trophies across Cornwall.

Lucia’s mother, Kerry, was looking for a pony when she came across Storm Cloud on our website. When they came to visit him, he bonded with Lucia immediately and Kerry knew they had to take him home.

Since then they have taken him all over from country hacks to beaches and across rivers, and he loves everything they do together. Although they had no intention of showing Storm Cloud, it quickly became apparent how intelligent he was (and how much he loved to show off!) – so they began to enter local shows together.

Kerry says: ‘He’s really bonded with Lucia, who is visually impaired, and she adores him. He takes really good care of her. I’ve been around horses all my life and he’s the best pony I’ve ever had by a million miles.’

Storm Cloud’s story proves just how important our training and rehoming work is, helping our ponies have the opportunity to become lovable members of wonderful families like Lucia’s.


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