Lived Experience

Emma’s story

Emma was one of the participants of a ‘This Girl Can -Exercise with Equines’ scheme, funded by Sport England and run by us here at the sanctuary.

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Man with pony near stable door

Richard’s story

It’s being with the equine partner that makes the sessions so impactful. After doing equine assisted wellbeing with The Mare and Foal Sanctuary I certainly understand, at a much deeper intrinsic level, the benefits of developing a bond with a horse."

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Person grooming two ponies in a field

Eva’s story

“When I mentioned that I love horses, my support worker told me about The Mare and Foal Sanctuary’s This Girl Can Exercise with Equines programme funded by Sport England. I struggle with anxiety and had become quite isolated. I wanted to try something different and coming to the sanctuary felt like it might be a good fit."

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Maisie’s Story

For Maisie, equine assisted activity sessions are about rebuilding confidence. Maisie has only recently begun her sessions at The Mare and Foal Sanctuary’s Coombe Park Education and Equestrian Centre, but mum, Lucy, is already noticing a difference.

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Daisy’s Story

Daisy joined our equine assisted learning programme to help with feelings of anxiety. Working alongside our equine assisted learning facilitators and our rescued horses and ponies can help to build a sense of connection for participants.

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Tilly’s Story

When Tilly joined our equine assisted learning programme her anxiety was having a serious impact on her daily life. She was unable to go to school or leave the house.

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