Ava was only a few weeks old when she was spotted alone on the moors.

Worried residents suspected her mother had died of colic and phoned a nearby charity, but their yard was full so they called us, knowing that Ava would stand the best chance of survival at our specialist veterinary centre.

She was dangerously underweight, weighing 119lbs (54kg) when she arrived and had been without milk for days. When our vets did their initial assessment they found she had symptoms of pneumonia, and other problems with her liver and stomach.

We knew we had to act quickly.

Our team worked round the clock to make sure Ava was safe and had everything she needed, including a teddy bear for company.

For three months our dedicated team provided high intensity care for Ava as she battled her illnesses. This included a high level of conscientious care, medication, x-rays, blood tests and being fed milk every two hours throughout the day and night. We did everything we could to give her the best chance possible.

Thankfully Ava’s health continued to improve.

Horse snuggling up to teddy bear

We rescued Ava just in time and will provide her with a safe sanctuary for the rest of her life. Despite ongoing issues with her liver, Ava has been excelling in her training. This includes grooming, picking out feet, being loaded on to the horse lorry and going for walks to meet traffic and people. Sally Burton, Head of Sanctuary Care, said: “I’m so pleased that Ava is finally ready to be loaned to a Sanctuary at Home Carer after such an uncertain start. Our horse care team and vets worked hard to give her the best chance.”

For each foal rescued or born at the Sanctuary, we need to be around for the next 30 years to provide them with the expert care they need and a sanctuary for life.