Buttermilk and Marley

We are determined to help as many horses and ponies as we can, and to that end our equine team is always prepared to launch a rescue mission.

Buttermilk and Marley were found on a busy industrial estate in Cornwall. Both were injured, emaciated and running around terrified. Signs suggested they had been left tied up but had escaped and were now running loose on the estate – an incredibly dangerous situation.

Buttermilk, a ten-year-old cob mare, had multiple wounds down her back, while her foal Marley, only one year old, had an injury on his leg. Both were incredibly nervous and it took a long time for them to come around, especially Buttermilk. Happily, today it’s a completely different story.


buttermilk and marley

Buttermilk is thriving at the Sanctuary and we hope she will soon begin training for ridden work. She loves to be busy and continues to show how keen she is to learn new things. Marley was weaned and castrated at the appropriate time, and is now currently living at Upcott Park in a herd of youngsters who love to play.