Flo is a 20 year old, 11.3 hh, Dartmoor Hill Pony who arrived at the Sanctuary in 2003 and has now been in our care for 17 years. Flo has ongoing complex health care issues, such as Sweet Itch and laminitis, which means she will remain at one of our peaceful sanctuaries where her care is affectively managed by our specialist equine teams and she can continue to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

During the pandemic, Flo developed a pea sized lump in the stifle area (on the inside of her leg). Our grooms were quick to act and called our onsite vet to examine the area. The lump didn’t appear to be growing but there was a possibility that it was a sarcoid and the best thing to do for Flo was it have it removed surgically. Our expert grooms’ ability to act fast could mean that we have caught the condition early, hopefully preventing any further problems for Flo.

The operation took place at our Beech Trees Veterinary and Welfare Centre, which is located at our Honeysuckle Sanctuary, meaning that Flo didn’t have to travel and could remain in a familiar setting with the reassuring company of her groom. The tissue that was removed has been sent to a histopathologist for examination and we are currently waiting to find out the results. Flo is recovering well from the operation and being closely monitored by our specialist veterinary team.