Yasmina and Ember

Yasmina came into the sanctuary with her long-term companion, Ember. They were significantly overweight which had led to liver problems, EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome) and the risk of laminitis.

Both Yasmina and Ember were put on box rest with water-soaked haynets to help reduce their sugar intake. Eventually, they were turned out in one of our schools, with a soaked haynet, so they could start moving about without access to too much food. We also started to take them for in-hand walks around our Honeysuckle sanctuary.

Six months later and Yasmina and Ember have both lost weight with Yasmina losing over 14% of her body weight so far. They both have a little more to lose. Charley Daines, Team Leader at our Honeysuckle sanctuary, says: “Obesity can really impact a pony’s quality of life. Yasmina and Ember are the perfect example of how horses and ponies can lose weight gradually and safely.”

Yasmina and Ember together in a field