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Together, we can make a real difference

There are hundreds of horses across the South West in complex situations that still need our help.

It’s a challenging time here at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary. The cost of living crisis is having an impact on us all.

We’re experiencing an increasing number of calls for help from horse owners who are finding it hard to cope and from members of the public worried about horses in their neighbourhood. Our Welfare Outreach team is currently involved in 21 active welfare cases consisting of 379 horses.

The number of horses being returned by some of our Sanctuary at Home carers is also increasing and we are rehoming fewer horses than in previous years as people aren’t sure whether they can afford to take them on. As a result, our sanctuaries are over capacity as we head into winter.

£7.50 could cover nutritious food for a rescue horse for one week.
£10 could go towards antibiotic eyedrops to treat a horse with a painful eye ulcer.
£25 could cover the cost of vaccination for a new arrival at the sanctuary.

Horse after being rescued

Your ongoing support enables our team to help horses like Riley

Riley was severely underweight and living in unsuitable conditions when our Welfare Advisor, Leah, was first called out to help.  She worked with key stakeholders to ensure a positive welfare outcome for Riley. Ultimately, we agreed to make room at our sanctuary and take her in permanently.

Riley was too weak to travel. To avoid a long journey, Riley was moved quickly to a nearby RSPCA holding centre. Here she was treated by a vet for cellulitis (a deep infection under the skin), colic symptoms and given a course of antibiotics. This is where her recovery began.

A few weeks later, Riley was strong enough to travel to our sanctuary. She settled in quickly, benefiting from the care of our specialist grooms at Beech Trees Veterinary and Welfare Assessment Centre.

Riley’s body condition score was confirmed as 1.5, which is severely underweight, on arrival. The outline of her ribs and back bone were visible. She also had large scabs across her legs and muzzle that needed treatment.

Your support has given Riley hope.
Will you help more horses and ponies like her?

The road to recovery

Following another full veterinary assessment, dietary plan and essential dental work Riley has steadily gained weight. She is now much stronger and healthier.

Riley’s grooms describe her as being a dream on the yard with excellent manners. She is now getting all the care she needs with lots of extra love from her grooms. Her grooms are delighted to see her grow in strength and confidence each day.

Because of your ongoing support Riley is safe now and on the road to recovery.

Riley was severely underweight and living in unsuitable conditions when Leah first met her. She has hope now, but there are other horses still out there that need our help.


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