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Opens day and arena hire

We’ve had a series of great open days throughout 2023 at our sanctuary for rescued horses and ponies within the peaceful setting of Coombe Park Equestrian and Education Centre.

Around 50 equines are given lifelong, life-changing, loving care and support here.

Our visitors enjoyed seeing them outdoors in nature and watching arena demonstrations of some of the development and enrichment techniques that take place at the Sanctuary.

We’re currently planning some exciting events and opportunities for you to come and spend time with us at Coombe Park later this year. More information coming soon.

As an equine welfare charity which has a leading role in the ethical handling and training of horses and ponies, The Mare and Foal Sanctuary is also currently piloting ways we can make our arenas available for hire to horse and pony owners/riders who are also interested in the highest standards of evidence-based, ethical training.

Please register your interest in future events and arena hire using the form below or contact us at [email protected] if you would like to know more.

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