Meet some of the horses and ponies you have helped in 2019.

Over the last year your amazing support has helped us to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome horses and ponies in desperate need.

From orphaned foals close to death on the region’s moorland to young colts callously dumped on industrial estates, the need to save these beautiful creatures has never been more urgent.

It’s our job – with your help – to make sure the weak, injured or unwanted find the care and kindness they deserve…and eventually a happy, loving home.

Here, we’re taking a look back at just some of the rescue cases we have dealt with in 2019. And, as we look ahead to 2020, we hope you will continue to support our vital work to make sure we are always ready to save horses and ponies like Ava, Tinkerman and May.


A case of perseverance & rehoming success


An urgent rescue

Buttermilk & Marley

An abandonment story


In memory of one of the first ponies ever rescued.


Helps with education and events


An urgent and expensive operation needed


An older pony at our South Manor yard


A retained pony who helps with education

River & Ruby

Two examples of a large welfare case


One of the ponies who didn’t make it

Storm Cloud

A rehoming success!


His young life begins