The Lockdown Diaries Week 3 – Fidget

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January 20, 2021
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February 3, 2021
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The Lockdown Diaries Week 3 – Fidget

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The LOCKDOWN Diaries

For ponies that experience trauma, the rescue is just the beginning. This is the case for 10-year-old Skewbald Moorland Mare Fidget whose trauma as a foal hasn’t held her back from being a bright, independent pony. This week’s Lockdown Diaries focuses on Fidget’s care and the training she has received during the pandemic.

Fidget came to us in 2011 as an orphaned foal after a member of the public noticed a mare and her foal caught in wire. Sadly, Fidget’s dam had sustained significant, life threatening injuries and a decision was made to put her to sleep, leaving Fidget an orphaned foal. Fidget’s lower leg had also been caught in the wire and she needed immediate veterinary care.

With specialist care provided by our expert grooms, Fidget made a speedy recovery and she soon went out on loan to one of our knowledgeable carers.

For every equine we rescue, we must also ensure they have lifelong care. Our carers who rehome through our Sanctuary at Home scheme are a group of very special people who help make this possible for over 400 horses and ponies today.

In 2019 Fidget returned to the Sanctuary and she is now being trained by Jess at our Upcott Park Sanctuary. During lockdown Jess has been focusing on ridden work with Fidget, especially in traffic. The latest lockdown has meant that there are less cars on the road which has given Jess and Fidget the opportunity to learn slowly. This incredible progress means that Fidget will hopefully be ready to be rehomed again soon.

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we can continue providing a Sanctuary for life for ponies like Fidget and ensure they continue to receive expert care and training.