The rewards of a rescue pony

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March 1, 2019
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March 27, 2019
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The rewards of a rescue pony


We often ask our carers to share their stories of what life is like with a rescue horse or pony.

Your messages always make our day. For our dedicated grooms it’s a reminder of why we work so hard to train them ready for a loving home.

And for people considering loaning from a rescue charity it proves just how loving, clever and versatile they can be.

Our latest message comes from Natasha Williams, who offered four-year-old, 13.1hh, piebald mare Nala a home as a companion last September.


She said: “We are currently in the backing process and she is doing amazingly. She has such a lovely personality and temperament. She is truly one in a million and had been helping so much by seeing me through some hard personal problems.

“Nala is also helping my other horse though his injury too. She definitely has her quirks, like insisting to eat her food off the floor even though I give her a lovely clean bowl, and insisting on you itching her bum every time you come to the stable door.

“You can’t resist her face. She is the most adorable little girl ever. I am so excited for our future together as a team.

“She is a God send and I am so, so lucky to have such an amazing horse in my life. I owe all this to the Mare & Foal Sanctuary who do such amazing work helping these horses and giving them a second chance in life.

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to have such an amazing companion.”