Ways to help

Corporate Sponsorship


We’re offering local firms the chance to get involved in the care and future support of hundreds of abandoned, mistreated or orphaned foals, horses and ponies.

We’re offering different Corporate Sponsorship packages, with offers including advertising space at the Coombe Park Visitor Centre, opportunities for staff team building activities, invitations to events, as well as company logos on rosettes, this website and our social media pages.

Your company will help the Sanctuary and its 90 staff and volunteers rescue, rehabilitate, retrain and rehome the 150 horses and ponies currently being looked after.

The sponsorship also provides discounted adoption packages for your staff, plus the chance to get to know some of the Sanctuary’s beautiful animals.

To become a Mare & Foal Sanctuary Corporate Partner contact the fundraising team on 01626 882661 or email megan.vincent-pearsall@mareandfoal.org

Legacies and In Memoriam


We’re a small charity, with every single penny we receive coming from our supporters. Over the years these donations have helped us to grow and we’re very grateful for the help you’ve given us.

We know there are more horses and ponies than ever out there in desperate need of help, care and love. That’s why a gift in your will can help us accomplish much more.

The money you leave us will go directly to where it’s needed most: costly veterinary bills, specialist care and equipment, everyday things such as bedding, rugs and food, general maintenance and new projects in the future so that we can accommodate even more horses in need… the list goes on and on.

Your gift will mean more than you could ever know. It would be wonderful to think that what you left behind has saved countless horses from an unknown fate – and that you’ve given them a happy and healthy future.

Who will benefit?

We sincerely hope we don’t receive your gift for many years! But when we do, it will be used to help every horse and pony long into the future.

Your legacy will benefit horses like Jenga, Naji and little Nobby:

  • Those abandoned horses who need to be rescued and looked after like the beautiful Jenga who arrived in a terrible state with a young foal at foot – she was also expecting another foal, Jumanji,  who was born safely at the Sanctuary
  • Orphaned foals like Naji , who arrive here because they have no one to look after them. He came to us after he became separated from his mother following an attack by a stallion.
  • Or great characters like Nobby, who for medical reasons cannot be rehomed. He will live out the rest of his days here in peace at our South Manor retirement yard.
How to take the next step

Please get in touch with us via our contact form (choosing ‘Legacies’ from the drop down menu) or contact the Law Society on 020 7242 1222 to find a solicitor near you.

What information will my solicitor require?

When you meet with your solicitor there are several pieces of information you’ll need to give him or her, including our name, address and Registered Charity Number. You can find these below:

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary,

Honeysuckle Farm, Buckland Road,

Newton Abbot TQ12 4SA

Registered Charity No.1141831

If you have not yet written a will, or you would like to make an addition to your current will, then please consider including The Mare and Foal Sanctuary by downloading, completing and returning this non-binding Legacy pledge form as well as requesting an information pack. Of course, if you have already written your will and left a gift to us, thank you very much for being prepared and helping us.

Remembering a loved one

It’s so hard losing a loved one and managing what’s left behind is never an easy task. However if, in your own time, you would like to pay tribute to their memory by leaving us a gift on their behalf, please contact Natalie Castorina on 01626 882667 or click on the JustGiving button below. We are so grateful for these valued contributions and they will help us do even more in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming horses in need.

Remember a loved one with JustGiving


Can you donate your time and skills to The Mare and Foal Sanctuary?

Are you looking to stay  active during retirement, to meet new people and make new friends, gain experience and confidence or improve your job prospects?


You can do all this and more while directly contributing to the care of neglected, unwanted or abused horses.


We have a variety of volunteer roles at the sanctuary; your participation will be warmly welcomed in whatever capacity you can offer.


Our Charity Shops need volunteers to help sort goods in preparation to put out for sale, keep the shop clean and tidy as well as cleaning shop goods, pricing, window dressing, serving on the till and talking to customers. Working in the shops can be a very rewarding and interesting job. It’s also a great way to gain valuable experience for those looking to get back into paid employment and is suitable for almost any age and ability.

Education/ Events /Meet and Greet

Helping at events and in conjunction with education is a great role for those that  enjoy talking to the public and different groups of people, or who wish to help but can only do so on an irregular basis. You may be asked to disseminate information about the sanctuary, take photos, direct traffic, help set up a stall or assist in a group activity. We have events at our own sites and throughout Devon as a whole.

As a Meet and Greet volunteer, you will be based at our visitor centre, Coombe Park, on the outskirts of Totnes. This involves greeting visitors when they arrive, making them aware of the facilities available, telling them about the sanctuary – our aims, mission and day to day running – and showing them to the yard where they can meet the horses.


There’s always something that needs tweaking or repairing and the list of general maintenance chores is ever present e.g. cutting the grass, keeping the borders tidy, checking the fencing, painting, plumbing issues  etc. If you have experience or skills in any form of maintenance we’d love to hear from you.

Café and Tuck Shop

At weekends and during events, the café and tuck shop can be a hive of activity. It is sometimes a hectic environment serving food and drink, working the till, helping in the kitchen, clearing tables, washing dishes and talking to visitors. People may also need assistance purchasing tack from our shop. It can sometimes feel like a bit of a whirlwind on a busy day but can prove to be a lot of fun.


Working on the yards with the stable hands and ponies can be very rewarding but is hard work. Some of the duties will include: mucking out, poo picking, turning out horses, grooming, de-seeding fields and yards, soaking hay nets, filling water buckets and troughs and pushing full wheelbarrows.

A good knowledge of horses and experience working with them is a huge advantage as the yard can be a busy place.

How to Apply…
Drop in:

Drop in to your local charity shop or to the visitor centre during opening hours for a chat about volunteering.

Call us: 01626 355969

Trusts and Foundations


Donations from Trusts and Foundations provide us with vital income for our work with rescued horses and ponies and we would be delighted to work with Trusts who are interested in supporting us.

We are committed to working with Trusts on an individual basis and are always happy to provide general updates on the progress of our rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming activities and specifically on work that has received restricted funding.

We are always happy for Trust representatives to visit our five farms around Devon to see what we do first hand.

If you would like to speak to us about making a Trust donation please contact our fundraising team on 01626 882661 or email david.smith@mareandfoal.org

We’d also like to say a big thank you to the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Charitable Trust and Petplan Charitable Trust who helped make our on site surgeries possible at our new Beech Trees Veterinary and Welfare Centre.

Their very generous donations went towards buying vital equipment needed in our Operating Theatre. We are extremely grateful to both trusts for their support.

For details of Petplan Charitable Trust please visit:

Fundraise for us

From running marathons to sponsored silences, your wonderful fundraising challenges have helped us to continue our work helping horses in need.

Organising a Challenge

We are always so grateful for your support, and if you’re thinking of organising a challenge in the future, look no further!

Our Fundraising Team will support you every step of the way, from helping you spread the word about your challenge to publicising your final total. Call them on 01626 882668 and they will be able to give you all the information you require.

We love to hear about what you’re up to and, no matter how big or small, we will help to make your event as successful as possible.

To get started, why not set up a JustGiving page? This will enable you to keep all of your donations safely in one place while allowing your supporters to donate securely online.

Make a page with JustGiving

If you’re stuck for fundraising ideas, here are just a few things you could try:

  • Endurance challenges (running, swimming, climbing, walking)
  • Exhilarating challenges (bungee jumping, skydiving)
  • Fancy dress / Mufti days
  • Sponsored rides
  • Dinner dances
  • Table-top sales (tack, bric-a-brac, Bake a Cake)
  • Silent auctions
  • Raffles
I’ve completed a challenge – what do I do now?

If you’ve already finished – well done! All you need to do now is send your sponsorship money to us so we can put it towards helping our wonderful horses. We can of course receive money over the phone or by post, but if you’d prefer to transfer it online, you can do so quickly and securely through our JustGiving page.

Donate with JustGiving

If you’d like to feature your fundraising events on our website and social media, please contact our Press Officer on amy.mcsweeny@mareandfoal.org She can have a chat to you about promoting your challenge in local newspapers as well.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you all for your sterling efforts.


Adoption Packages

Adoption Packages

  • Adoptions offer a great way for people to get involved in the Sanctuary’s work and make the perfect gift for anyone mad about horses.
  • The lucky person will receive a brand new welcome pack including loads of details about their chosen horse or pony.
  • The pack includes a personalised adoption certificate, a profile of their new four-legged friend, great new photographs, picture cards and a fridge magnet.
  • There’s also the chance to come and visit the pony or horse in person at the Sanctuary’s Coombe Park Visitor Centre near Totnes.
  • The Sanctuary has five horses on their Adoption Scheme, ranging in size from tiny Shetland Sir Didymus to the powerful Shire Kavaner.
  • Adopting a Sanctuary horse or pony costs £18 a year – working out at around 5p a day. People can adopt extra horses for £4.50 each or all five horses for just £36 a year.
  • The money goes towards the Sanctuary’s work rescuing, rehabilitating and training foals, ponies and horses that have been abandoned, mistreated, neglected or orphaned.


At 17.1 hands high, Kavaner is the largest horse at the Sanctuary. This magnificent gentle giant is a big softy who adores a lot of love and affection. Also our loudest horse, he  can be heard snoring all around the stable yard when he’s asleep.



Pretty girl Dipsy loves going out to events and meeting lots of people. She likes to be kept busy and loves getting out and about doing good deeds from appearing at our Open Days, to meeting children with learning difficulties and visiting Residential Homes. Dispy is one of our smallest adoption ponies at 36 inches high.



The wonderful William is one of the Sanctuary’s greatest success stories. When he arrived he was weak, scared and emaciated but he’s now one of the most relaxed, friendly and happy ponies at the Sanctuary.


Sir Didymus

Our miniature Shetland Diddy is our tiniest adoption horse. He loves playing in the fields with his best friend Ludo.  He really defines the old saying “good things come in small packages”. He’s cheeky, confident and full of life.

mare-foal-sanctuary-sir didymus-adoptions


Ludo is a very striking boy with a calm and gentle nature. The youngster had a pretty tough time in life.

But now he’s really thriving and has proved to be a really quick learner. He loves agility training and spending time with his best friend Didy.


In addition to the above horses and ponies, we also have ones in need of rehoming.

If you think you might be able to home one of our horses or ponies, please have a look through the list of those available then contact us.


Supporter Pledge

Here at the Mare & Foal Sanctuary, we believe that every horse deserves freedom from cruelty and the best care that can be given.

Our supporters are essential to achieving this. Without people like you donating money we couldn’t continue with our crucial work.

That’s why we, and the horses we have rescued together, owe you not only our appreciation, but our respect.

That’s why we want to make some promises.

We’ll respect your privacy

  • We will never sell your personal information.
  • We keep your details safe and fully complying with the Data Protection Act and, from the end of May 2018, with the GDPR.
  • As members of the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) and the Fundraising Regulator, we fully comply with every aspect of their codes of practice.
  • Our Privacy Policy is available online here


We’ll listen

  • We regularly invite comments from our supporters. Since 2015 we’ve asked each year if you were happy with how we contacted you. The vast majority of you were “very happy” and where people have asked us to reduce or stop contacting them, we have followed their wishes promptly.
  • We always do our best not to contact anyone who may be considered vulnerable.
  • If you’re upset about anything we’ve done, we’d really like to hear from you so we can try and put it right. If we make a mistake, we’ll be upfront about it, apologise and fix it – it’s the right thing to do.


We’ll keep you informed without pestering you

  • We have to reach out and contact people to raise funds to help horses but we always try the most ethical and non-intrusive means we can.
  • We like to say thank you when you donate, and will let you know your donation has been safely received by post or email. If you prefer not to be contacted, we can do that too – just let us know.
  • We won’t telephone you out of the blue and ask for money. If you’ve asked us a question or we want to thank you and you’ve given us your number, we’ll give you a call, but we don’t use that as an excuse to put pressure on and ask for more money. We don’t pay fundraisers commission and our phone staff have no scripts or sales talk.
  • We won’t stop you in the street or ring your doorbell and ask for your details or money.
  • Our email newsletter has grown in popularity, but we won’t add you without your consent and we make it very easy and quick for you to unsubscribe on every email if you no longer want to receive it.
  • You have given us a lot of great feedback about our newsletters, calendar and other letters so we know you like to hear about the individual horses, learn their stories and occasionally learn about some of the people working at the Sanctuary. You also like to know where your money has gone and we understand the need to be transparent with your donation.


We don’t waste your money

  • Horse welfareis at the heart of everything we do.
  • We follow strict “Best value” principles throughout the Sanctuary.
  • We strive to be professional at all levels.
  • We try to maximise your donation at no cost to you through Gift Aidand confirm your eligibility and consent.
  • Our Chairman and the Board of Trustees are all volunteers who give their time freely, receiving no financial benefit.
  • We update our supporters every year to show where your money goes, and ask you to see how you think we’re doing.
  • Our fundraising aim is to inspire supporters to donate because they believe in what we’re doing and want to help.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to the Mare & Foal Sanctuary. The information below sets out how we use and protect any information we may hold about you.

If you no longer wish to hear from us, you can contact us at: The Mare & Foal Sanctuary, Unit 2, Olympus Business Park, Newton Abbot TQ12 2SN – or call us on 01626 882 660

Who we are

The Mare & Foal Sanctuary exists to rescue, rehabilitate and where possible, rehome horses and ponies in need within the UK. It was founded in 1988 by Rosemary and Brian Kind and first registered as a charity in 1992.

  • We are a charity registered in England and Wales (#1141831)
  • We are a Limited Company (#7584914)
  • Our registered offices are at Honeysuckle Farm, Haccombe with Coombe, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 4SA

We work with other reputable equine welfare organisations to help horses and ponies that are in need of rescue and provide them with love, care and medical treatment. Once a horse has recovered and retrained enough to be useful, we hope to rehome them with an appropriate carer. No horse is ever sold by the Sanctuary and we help and support carers for the rest of the life of the horse.

What information is being collected about you?

For us to achieve our charitable objectives in the area of horse welfare and education, we need to raise money from members of the public through inspiring them to donate and join our efforts in rescuing and caring for horses and ponies. To achieve that, we need to contact supporters and potential supporters through various means including mail, advertising and email.

When we collect personal data, we always have clear marketing preferences displayed and information about how to change how we contact you, including if you wish us to stop contacting you entirely.

How is it collected?

We collect data for various reasons.

  • Fundraising: For the Sanctuary to continue operating we rely on donations from the public. To do this, we seek to find new people who may be interested in the work we do and may want to help us by donating money. The Sanctuary deeply respects its Supporters and is keen to work with them to ensure we don’t annoy or abuse our relationship. To do this, every communication we make has clear instructions on how to change the frequency of contacts, including how to stop entirely. We also ask our regular Supporters what they want to hear more of, how they feel we’re informing them and if there’s anything more we can do.
    New contacts are sourced from members of the public themselves (such as asking to be kept informed) and through commercially available mailing lists.
  • Online: Through use of our website, we use Cookies to help deliver a more tailored and useful service. For more information about Cookies, this external website explains in more detail.
  • Rehoming: Potential carers who wish to rehome one of our horses on loan submit their own details, and if successful in their application we will keep records.
  • Education: Through our objectives to inform the public on matters of equine welfare, together with using our horses to help people with equine therapy and equine assisted learning programs we will also collect data about people using our services.
  • Equine Welfare: We may need to collect data to help horses that are reported as being at risk. We may work with other welfare organisations to rescue horses in need and may share that data with them, but we will ensure a data sharing agreement is in place so that it cannot be misused.

How do we use your data?

If your personal information is supplied to us through a third party, such as Justgiving, the Fundraising Preference Service or Social Media sites, they will provide their privacy settings that control their use of your data.

The Mare & Foal Sanctuary does not sell personal details to any other organisation.

Our data is held on secure computer systems following modern data security practice and in secure data format. We also hold some paper records, also kept securely. Only properly authorised personnel are able to access this information and only for clearly defined reasons.

For non-fundraising reasons, we also hold data relating to our employees and volunteers.

For our rehoming activities, we hold personal data relating to carers which has been supplied by them in person, by post or electronically. (Such as during a loan home application)

Contacting You

The Mare & Foal Sanctuary does not undertake any “Doorstep” fundraising methods, nor does it call people on the telephone to raise funds.

We will contact you to let you know about our ongoing projects and progress in the fight for improving equine welfare. To fund this work, we will ask for donations.

If the Fundraising Preference Service informs us you wish our communication with you to stop, we will honour that request as soon as possible. If we have already sent out a letter it may not be possible to stop it so you could receive one more.

Sharing your information

We know that Supporters of the Mare & Foal Sanctuary are real people and deserve our utmost respect in our dealings with them, and the information we hold about them.

  • We work with trusted partners to manage your data safely and send fundraising material for fundraising purposes. Those partners are contractually obliged to only use the information we supply to them for the purposes we ask them to and must not share, sell or use this information for any other reason.
  • We are required to submit some information to the HMRC for purposes of Gift Aid.
  • We, and our partners, are legally required to adhere to the Data Protection Act and, from 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • We do not operate or fundraising outside of the UK. We also host our own secure servers within the UK. However, due to how the internet works, it is impossible to guarantee that data will not be stored or transmitted outside of the UK at some time (such as our Gift Aid submissions to the HMRC). To reduce this risk, we encrypt these files before transmission.

Keeping it up to date

Where possible we use publicly available sources to keep your records up to date; for example, the Post Office’s National Change of Address database and information provided to us by other organisations such as the Fundraising Preference Service.


If you have any queries, please get in touch on 01626 882 660, via supporters@mareandfoal.org or through our website at www.mareandfoal.org/contact

Please note that this Privacy Policy is subject to change from time to time.  It was last updated in January 2018.


What your money does




Here at The Mare and Foal Sanctuary horse welfare is everything. We try to make every penny go as far as possible.


All about our horses


  • 162 horses in direct care
  • We have 178 horses out on loan
  • We look after 33 retired horses


Every single one of our ponies and horses is grateful for your support. You have helped keep them happy and healthy and showed them life can be free from cruelty, hunger and pain.


Thank you. Your donation has helped us do so much.