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Adopt a Horse

Why not adopt one of our rescued horses or ponies either for yourself or as a gift for a friend? You can order an adoption pack online now!


Meet the adoption ponies!

Kavaner cmyk for online shop LR Kavaner
17.1 hh Bay Shire Horse
Born in 2005More info button newAdopt button newAt 17.1 hands high, Kavaner is the largest horse at the Sanctuary. This magnificent Shire is a big softy who loves affection.Also our loudest horse, the gentle giant can be heard snoring all around the stable yard when he’s asleep!
Dipsy Head Shot Dipsybell
9.00 hh Chestnut Shetland Mare
Born in 2001More info button newAdopt button newPretty girl Dipsy loves going out to events and meeting lots of people, she especially likes children and lots of fuss.Dispy is one of our smallest adoption ponies at 36 inches high.
Sir Didymus Sir Didymus
Didymus is a 7.1 hh Chestnut Miniature Shetland Colt
Born in 2015More info button newAdopt button newOur miniature Shetland Diddy is our tiniest adoption horse. He loves playing in the fields with his best friend Ludo!
Ludo Ludo
Ludo is a 11.0 hh Piebald Cob Cross Colt
Born in 2015More info button newAdopt button newLudo is a very striking boy with a calm and gentle nature. He most enjoys spending quality time with best buddy Diddy.

Click here to adopt a pony!

You will receive a Certificate of Adoption and picture of the horse or pony you wish to adopt plus a description of how he or she arrived in the care of the Sanctuary.

In addition to the above horses and ponies, we also have those in need of rehoming. If you think you might be able to home one of our horses or ponies, please have a look through the list of those available then contact us.