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New Adoption Packages – with even more pony paraphernalia

Why not adopt one of our rescued horses or ponies either for yourself or as a gift for a friend? You can order an adoption pack – crammed with pony paraphernalia – online now!

Adoptions offer a great way for people to get involved in the Sanctuary’s work and make the perfect gift for anyone mad about horses.

The lucky person will receive a brand new welcome pack including loads of details about their chosen horse or pony.

The pack includes a personalised adoption certificate, a profile of their new four-legged friend, great new photographs, picture cards and a fridge magnet.

There’s also the chance to come and visit the pony or horse in person at the Sanctuary’s Coombe Park Visitor Centre near Totnes.

The Sanctuary has five horses on their Adoption Scheme, ranging in size from tiny Shetland Sir Didymus to the powerful Shire Kavaner.

Adopting a Sanctuary horse or pony costs £18 a year – working out at around 5p a day. People can adopt extra horses for £4.50 each or all five horses for just £36 a year.

The money goes towards the Sanctuary’s work rescuing, rehabilitating and training foals, ponies and horses that have been abandoned, mistreated, neglected or orphaned.


Meet the adoption ponies.


He is 17.1 hh Bay Shire Horse
Born in 2005More info button newAdopt button newAt 17.1 hands high, Kavaner is the largest horse at the Sanctuary. This magnificent gentle giant is a big softy who adores a lot of love and affection. Also our loudest horse, he  can be heard snoring all around the stable yard when he’s asleep!
She is 9.00hh Chestnut Shetland Mare
Born in 2001More info button newAdopt button newPretty girl Dipsy loves going out to events and meeting lots of people. She likes to be kept busy and loves getting out and about doing good deeds from appearing at our Open Days, to meeting children with learning difficulties and visiting Residential Homes. Dispy is one of our smallest adoption ponies at 36 inches high.
William is a 13.1hh Dartmoor Hill Pony
Born in 2009More info button newAdopt button newThe wonderful William. He is one of the Sanctuary’s greatest success stories. When he arrived he was weak, scared and emaciated but he’s now one of the most relaxed, friendly and happy ponies at the Sanctuary.
Sir Didymus
Didymus is a 7.1 hh Chestnut Miniature Shetland Colt
Born in 2015More info button newAdopt button newOur miniature Shetland Diddy is our tiniest adoption horse. He loves playing in the fields with his best friend Ludo!  He really defines the old saying “good things come in small packages”. He’s cheeky, confident and full of life.
Ludo is a 11.0 hh Piebald Cob Cross Colt
Born in 2015More info button newAdopt button newLudo is a very striking boy with a calm and gentle nature. The youngster had a pretty tough time in life. But now he’s really thriving and has proved to be a really quick learner. He loves agility training and spending time with his best friend Didy.


Click here to adopt a pony!

In addition to the above horses and ponies, we also have ones in need of rehoming. If you think you might be able to home one of our horses or ponies, please have a look through the list of those available then contact us.