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Legacies and In Memoriam

We’re a small charity, with every single penny we receive coming from our supporters. Over the years these donations have helped us to grow and we’re very grateful for the help you’ve given us.

We know there are more horses and ponies than ever out there in desperate need of help, care and love. That’s why a gift in your will can help us accomplish much more.

The money you leave us will go directly to where it’s needed most: costly veterinary bills, specialist care and equipment, everyday things such as bedding, rugs and food, general maintenance and new projects in the future so that we can accommodate even more horses in need… the list goes on and on.

Your gift will mean more than you could ever know. It would be wonderful to think that what you left behind has saved countless horses from an unknown fate – and that you’ve given them a happy and healthy future.

Who will benefit?

We sincerely hope we don’t receive your gift for many years! But when we do, it will be used to help every horse and pony long into the future.

Your legacy will benefit:

JengaBlue2 legacy

  • Those abandoned horses who need to be rescued and looked after like Jenga (top left). Jenga arrived in a terrible state with a young foal at foot – she was also expecting another foal who was born safely at the Sanctuary
  • Orphaned foals like Naji (top right), who arrive here because they have no one to look after them. He came to us after he became separated from his mother following an attack by a stallion.
  • Horses like Blue2 (bottom left), who for medical reasons cannot be rehomed. He will live out the rest of his days here in peace.

How to take the next step

Please get in touch with us via our contact form (choosing ‘Legacies’ from the drop down menu) or contact the Law Society on 020 7242 1222 to find a solicitor near you.

What information will my solicitor require?

When you meet with your solicitor there are several pieces of information you’ll need to give him or her, including our name, address and Registered Charity Number. You can find these below:

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary,

Honeysuckle Farm, Haccombe-with-Combe

Newton Abbot TQ12 4SA

Registered Charity No.1141831

If you have not yet written a will, or you would like to make an addition to your current will, then please consider including The Mare and Foal Sanctuary by downloading, completing and returning this non-binding Legacy pledge form as well as requesting an information pack. Of course, if you have already written your will and left a gift to us, thank you very much for being prepared and helping us.

Remembering a loved one

It’s so hard losing a loved one and managing what’s left behind is never an easy task. However if, in your own time, you would like to pay tribute to their memory by leaving us a gift on their behalf, please contact Natalie Castorina on 01626 882667 or click on the JustGiving button below. We are so grateful for these valued contributions and they will help us do even more in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming horses in need.

Remember a loved one with JustGiving