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Supporter Pledge

Here at the Mare & Foal Sanctuary, we believe that every horse deserves freedom from cruelty and the best care that can be given.

Our supporters are essential to achieving this. Without people like you donating money we couldn’t do anything. That’s why we also believe that we and the horses we have rescued together owe you not only our appreciation, but our respect.

That’s why we want to make some promises.


We’ll respect your privacy

  • We will never sell or share your personal information.
  • We keep your details safe, fully complying with the Data Protection Act.
  • As members of the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) and the Fundraising Regulator, we fully comply with every aspect of their codes of practice.

We’ll listen

  • We regularly invite comments from our supporters. In 2015 and 2016 we asked if you were happy with how we contacted you. The vast majority of you were “Very happy” and where people have asked us to reduce or stop contacting them, we have followed their wishes promptly and without any pressure. We also check the Mail Preference Service to ensure we don’t approach you if you have registered.
  • We always do our best not to contact anyone who may be considered vulnerable or confused.
  • If you’re upset about anything we’ve done, we’d really like to hear from you so we can try and put it right. If we make a mistake, we’ll be upfront about it, apologise and fix it – it’s the right thing to do.

We’ll keep you informed without pestering you

  • We have to reach out and contact people to raise funds to help horses but we always try the most ethical and non-intrusive means we can.
  • We like to say thank you when you donate, and will let you know your donation has been safely received by post or email. If you prefer not to be contacted, we can do that too – just let us know.
  • We won’t telephone you out of the blue and ask for money. If you’ve asked us a question or we want to thank you and you’ve given us your number, we’ll give you a call, but we don’t use that as an excuse to put pressure on and ask for more money. We don’t pay fundraisers commission and our phone staff have no scripts or sales talk. We make sure they’re trained and are respectful and polite at all times.
  • We won’t stop you in the street and ask for your details or money.
  • Our email newsletter has grown in popularity, but we won’t add you without your consent and we make it very easy and quick for you to unsubscribe if you no longer want it.
  • You have given us a lot of great feedback about our newsletters, calendar and other letters so we know you like to hear about the individual horses, learn their stories and occasionally learn about some of the people who work to achieve that. You also like to know where your money has gone and we understand the need to be transparent with your donation.

We don’t waste your money

  • Horse welfare is at the center of everything we do.
  • We follow strict “Best value” principles throughout the Sanctuary.
  • We strive to be professional at all levels.
  • We try to maximise your donation at no cost to you through Gift Aid and confirm your eligibility and consent.
  • Nobody at the Sanctuary is paid more than £50,000.
  • Our Chairman and the Board of Trustees are all volunteers who give their time freely, receiving no financial benefit.

Our fundraising aim is to inspire supporters to donate because they believe in what we’re doing and want to help.

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