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Can you donate your time and skills to The Mare and Foal Sanctuary? Are you looking to stay  active during retirement, to meet new people and make new friends, gain experience and confidence or improve your employability? You can do all this and more while directly contributing to the care of neglected, unwanted or abused horses.

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We have a variety of volunteer roles at the sanctuary; your participation will be warmly welcomed in whatever capacity you can offer.


Our Charity Shops need volunteers to help sort goods in preparation to put out for sale, keep the shop clean and tidy as well as cleaning shop goods, pricing, window dressing, serving on the till and talking to customers. Working in the shops can be a very rewarding and interesting job. It’s also a great way to gain valuable experience for those looking to get back into paid employment and is suitable for almost any age and ability.

Education/ Events /Meet and Greet

Helping at events and in conjunction with education is a great role for those that  enjoy talking to the public and different groups of people, or who wish to help but can only do so on an irregular basis. You may be asked to disseminate information about the sanctuary, take photos, direct traffic, help set up a stall or assist in a group activity. We have events at our own sites and throughout Devon as a whole.

As a Meet and Greet volunteer, you will be based at our visitor centre, Coombe Park, on the outskirts of Totnes. This involves greeting visitors when they arrive, making them aware of the facilities available, telling them about the sanctuary – our aims, mission and day to day running – and showing them to the yard where they can meet the horses.


There’s always something that needs tweaking or repairing and the list of general maintenance chores is ever present e.g. cutting the grass, keeping the borders tidy, checking the fencing, painting, plumbing issues  etc. If you have experience or skills in any form of maintenance we’d love to hear from you.

Café and Tuck Shop

At weekends and during events, the café and tuck shop can be a hive of activity. It is sometimes a hectic environment serving food and drink, working the till, helping in the kitchen, clearing tables, washing dishes and talking to visitors. People may also need assistance purchasing tack from our shop. It can sometimes feel like a bit of a whirlwind on a busy day but can prove to be a lot of fun.


Working on the yards with the stable hands and ponies can be very rewarding but is hard work. Some of the duties will include: mucking out, poo picking, turning out horses, grooming, de-seeding fields and yards, soaking hay nets, filling water buckets and troughs and pushing full wheelbarrows. A good knowledge of horses and experience working with them is a huge advantage as the yard can be a busy place.

How to Apply…


Drop in

Drop in to your local charity shop or to the visitor centre during opening hours for a chat about volunteering.

Call us: 01626 355969