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November 17, 2015
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November 23, 2015
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Wrap up a horse this winter!

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary are asking for donations of horse rugs to help keep their rescued animals warm and cosy this winter, especially for some of their older and more vulnerable residents.

The Sanctuary has dedicated retirement stables for horses and ponies that cannot be rehomed. A small team of experienced staff look after the horses’ every need to make sure they live out the rest of their days in as relaxed and comfortable an environment as possible, so making sure they are rugged up and safe is a high priority.

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Rosy Lewis-Ullah, Head Groom at the retirement yard explains; “Rugs are a vital piece of kit for us over the winter to keep our ponies warm, in good condition and to ensure they can continue a normal daily routine of going out for grazing. This is especially important for older ponies with arthritis as a rug means they can stay mobile and warm and not get too stiff.

“Some of our ponies would really benefit from having a rug including Belle, a 26 year old Dartmoor Hill Pony and Pride, a 27 year old New Forest Mare, both of whom are starting to feel the cold in their old age and would struggle being outside without one. Diamond, a 19 year old Dartmoor Hill Pony suffering from arthritis is also in desperate need of a new rug.”

The Sanctuary relies on donations to fund its rescue and rehabilitation work. To purchase outright all the rugs that are needed would cost over £2000 so they are looking to the public for some help.

Executive Director Syra Bowden, “We are asking for donations of unwanted rugs, it may be that someone out there has something they don’t use anymore that we could give a worthy home to.

“We have a list of specific sizes and types of rug that we require, mostly lightweight and fleece from sizes 3’9” to 5’9”so if you think that you may have a good quality rug you could donate please get in touch with our equine team on 01626 355969.”

If you’d like to help out but don’t have a rug to spare, the Sanctuary has also just launched an Amazon Wish List with a number of items on it that the stable staff need to keep the horses in top condition, including feed buckets, treats, and brooms for cleaning stables.

You can find a link to this list here

Thank you.