Help us be there for horse owners affected by the Coronavirus pandemic

For many people life is getting back to normal. For horse owner Jacky life will never be the same.

Jacky lost her husband to Covid-19 and found herself suffering with long Covid. We were able to offer help and support over the phone and a loving home to her beautiful Spanish gelding, Xantus.

This was our first Covid-related rescue.

A donation of just £5 could help us answer more calls like Jacky’s.

Jacky gave a home to Xantus in May 2019. She said: “I was drawn to his amazing character and great sense of humour.”

In August 2019 he went down with laminitis. This was despite being fit and healthy. He was tested for Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) and his glucose levels came back incredibly high. Xantus required careful management for diet and exercise from then on.

Jacky explained: “All was fine until my husband and I contracted Covid-19 in January 2021. I quickly recovered, although I am still suffering after-effects six months on, but my husband died and I took my eye off the ball.  The next thing I knew Xantus had laminitis again.

“I had him on box rest for several weeks, all the while trying to cope with the funeral, probate and a hundred and one other things. I just could not spend the time with him that he needed.


“The relief when I heard there was a good chance that you could take him was overwhelming”

“One particularly bad day I decided that it was not fair to keep him like this and went indoors intending to call my vet.  But there on the table was a Honeysuckle newsletter, so I rang you instead.”

Jacky said: “The relief when I heard there was a good chance that you could take him was overwhelming, as I know that you have the facilities and expertise to care for him with his complex issues for the rest of his life. Thank you so much.”

We provided advice and support to 164 owners last year. This resulted in positive welfare outcomes for many horses and ponies who needed our help.