Strangles is a potentially deadly respiratory disease that is highly contagious. It is caused by a bacterial infection that can lead to swollen lymph nodes, nasal discharge and a fever. Abscesses sometimes form that can then burst. This leads to breathing problems for the horse and is what gives the disease its lethal-sounding name. Most horses survive strangles but it can kill or have long-lasting effects. Vulnerable equines are particularly at risk. 

We know first-hand after our own strangles outbreak in 2015 just how deadly this disease can be. We learned a lot about managing strangles and are determined to pass on our hard-won knowledge to as many owners and carers as possible. 

Strangles Awareness Week

At the end of 2022 we joined the collaboration team that helps to deliver Strangles Awareness Week. We are proud to lend our voice to this important campaign that raises awareness and shares best practices on biosecurity. We encourage every horse owner, carer, yard manager, vet, equine professional or horse lover to support this vital campaign and #SpeakOutOnStrangles.  

Horses being tested on Dartmoor for Strangles

Temperature check challenge and managing strangles

Regular temperature checks are a key part of the Strangles Awareness Week message. Helping equines become comfortable with temperature checks and then fitting these checks into normal stable management routines can save lives. Join the temperature check challenge. 

You can find out more about managing strangles on our strangles management advice page.

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Ponies grazing on Dartmoor

Strangles on Dartmoor

We are very proud to be involved with a multi-agency operation to help control strangles amongst semi-feral ponies on Dartmoor. Working with Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust, Redwings and Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society, we have been part of a team testing and treating ponies in the hope of eradicating the disease from the area. Read more about how we are working to end Strangles on Dartmoor.

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