For every equine we rescue, we must also ensure they have lifelong care.

Our carers who rehome through our Sanctuary at Home scheme are a group of very special people who help make this possible for over 400 horses and ponies today.

Becoming a Sanctuary at Home carer means you help provide a sanctuary at home for as many years as you can for a horse or pony from our charity on a loan basis. Rehoming is a very rewarding experience and enables space to be created at our peaceful sanctuaries for more horses and ponies in need.

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What are the benefits of our Sanctuary at Home scheme?

The benefits of providing a sanctuary at home are three-fold – for the equine, for you and for the charity.

For the equine

  • They can enjoy one-to-one care, love and attention at the home you provide, which could be at your own home, livery yard or other ideal setting.
  • They continue to have the safe sanctuary they deserve.
EVelyn with hovis and ringo
evelyn with hovis and ringo

For you

  • You join a group of very special people who support The Mare and Foal Sanctuary in the most amazing way.
  • You have access to friendly advice and support from our dedicated team whenever you need it.
  • There’s peace of mind should your circumstances change and you can no longer provide sanctuary at home.

For the Mare and Foal Sanctuary

  • Enables space to be created at our peaceful sanctuaries for more horses and ponies in need.
  • Helps sustain our work to rescue other horses and ponies, as you take on the routine care and veterinary costs of a previously rescued horse or pony.
  • Enables us to connect more people together who love and value horses and ponies as much as we do.
Horse with staff

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