SEIB Giving Success
July 20, 2022
Equine assisted learning session
Mare and Foal Sanctuary accepted onto UK HETI Human Equine Interaction Register
August 3, 2022

The 12-year-old draught horse was one of eight who came to us following an RSPCA prosecution case involving around 30 equines. She arrived with a foal at foot and in desperate need of dental work. Karma’s lovely nature soon made her an ideal candidate to join the Education team. She has been there ever since helping to deliver equine assisted learning and activities to people in our community.

Unfortunately, towards the end of 2021 Karma started to show some signs of lameness. Initial x-rays showed concerning changes and with no improvement following rest it was decided to send her for an MRI. The scan showed a probable keratoma. Keratomas are rare tumours that develop in the horn-producing part of the foot. Surgery was scheduled and it was hoped she would be treated at our Beech Trees vet and welfare facility.

Worryingly, Karma’s condition deteriorated fast and there was no time to wait. She needed to be rushed to an equine hospital in Gloucestershire to have the surgery. Thankfully, the procedure went well and Karma is now making a good recovery. She has received specialist farrier work back at the sanctuary including having a hospital plate fitted to keep the wound site clean while it heals. Having the hospital plate means she has safely been able to start going out in the fields and enjoying life again.