At The Mare and Foal Sanctuary, equine welfare is paramount to us and it’s at the core of everything we do. We are committed to providing the best standards of equine care and welfare, and we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge to promote positive welfare for all horses and ponies. 

Horses are and have been close companions to humans for centuries and as horse owners, we all have a duty of care to meet the needs of our animals to the best of our ability.  

As horse owners, we all love and value our animals, but in an ever-changing environment with new scientific research emerging every daywe have a responsibility to keep up to date with modern practices, to ensure we are effectively meeting our horses needs 

The CONFIDENT Horse is our new training series, designed by our skilled and experienced team, to share our knowledge and methods for the benefit of all horses and their owners or carers. 

This useful resource is for all horse owners, whether you’re new to horse care or whether you’ve owned horses for a lifetime and it’s centred on our evidence-based approach to equine behaviour and training. 



The Confident Horse Community

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Events, Training Days and Webinars

Our successful Confident Horse webinars and events run throughout the year on subjects ranging from body language to needle shyness.

Our team of training and behaviour experts offer real-world, practical advice that genuinely works. Each webinar and event provides an in-depth look at a subject followed by the opportunity to ask questions at the end. Book here. 

Our Latest Advice and Support


How do I provide enrichment?

Enrichment helps to reduce inactivity and helps to stimulate the horses natural foraging instincts and other natural behaviours. We can use enrichment techniques to meet our horses needs in a variety of ways.


Is my horse a healthy weight?

It’s important for your horse’s overall health to be at the right weight. Carrying too much, or too little fat on his body can lead to other health problems. Follow our handy advice to help keep track of your horse’s weight.


How do I prepare my horse for the vet?

If your horse is anxious or nervous, it is essential to properly prepare them for the vet. A training film and advice can be found here.

As someone who cares about horses, your support will help us deliver better behavioural and ethical horse training and no-shame advice to horse owners so that we can prevent welfare issues before they happen. Please help us provide advice and support to horse owners across the UK.