Introducing…Nia and Netty

Introducing…Nia and Netty

Little three-month-old foal Netty and her dam Nia have got members of the public to thank for their beautiful new names after a competition which prompted more than 500 name suggestions from all over the UK.

The Welsh moorland ponies are among our newest arrivals after a multi-agency rescue in Wales on Wednesday 08 November.

With almost 600 horses and ponies currently in our care, we appealed for the public’s help to come up with suitable names. Karen from East Sussex put forward the foal’s name Netty, and Lucy from Tavistock came up with the winning name for mare Nia. They’ll each receive a special photo of their named pony and a certificate.

Syra Bowden, Head of Equine Welfare says: ‘We were overwhelmed by the huge response to our naming competition and delighted to have so many wonderful names to choose from. The welfare team members who rescued our new mare and foal were given the final vote. We felt the name “Netty” was perfect for our beautiful filly foal because it means “favoured one”. We decided to give her dam the name “Nia”, which is the Welsh form of “Naimh” meaning “resolve” and “brilliance”. It’s a name that really suits her.

‘Both ponies are settling in well, enjoying the peaceful environment at our sanctuary and Netty had her very first encounter with a dusting of snow last week, which she took into her stride well.’

New companions

Less than two weeks after Netty and Nia’s arrival, we led an operation to lift another moorland mare and colt foal from a complex situation in Devon involving 14 equines. The welfare team hopes the adorable Dartmoor colt ‘Chandler’ and his dam ‘Chandrani’ (pictures attached) will be introduced as companions to Netty and Nia in coming weeks and they will all continue to explore their new environment together. The foals will have gentle, but minimal handling from staff, who will allow them to live as naturally as possible with their dams during the early stage of their lives. There’s also a possibility that one or both mares could be pregnant.

A sanctuary for life

Dawn Vincent, Director of Fundraising and Communications says: ‘Thanks to the amazing generosity of our supporters, these new foals and mares have a home for life and will be able to grow up in a safe, loving environment. For each foal rescued or born here, we are committed to provide them with the expert care and training they need for the next 30 years or more.

‘Their futures are bright. They may stay at one of our four sanctuaries in Devon, be placed in our rehoming scheme or become equine educators at our Coombe Park Equestrian and Education Centre near Totnes, helping people experience the incredible benefits of connecting with ponies and horses.’

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