Spring is often a busy time at the Sanctuary, and this year was no exception. Alongside our usual routine for those already in our care, we’ve had multiple rescues, new horses and ponies arriving, and a very hectic foaling season.

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Moonflower, Ida and Aramis

First was little skewbald Moonflower, then three days later along came little Ida and then Aramis, whose mum had to be kept under close observation. 

Sadly, we were worried about the mares as soon as they arrived at the Sanctuary late last year. They were in a poor condition after coming to us straight off the moor.

Their owner, a Dartmoor farmer who inherited the older mares, feared their age and condition would see them struggle through a harsh moorland winter, especially with a youngster to feed.

So, the farmer contacted the Sanctuary and thanks to the amazing generosity of our supporters we were able to take them in and make sure they had the very best of care.

Thanks to our vet Richard Frost closely monitoring their pregnancies, coupled with the hard work and the vigilance of our wonderful grooms, they all gave birth to healthy and gorgeous foals – and we will continue to look after them as they grow into happy and healthy colts and fillies. 

We’re coming to the end of the foaling season now but we’re on standby for any young and vulnerable foals who have been abandoned, or heavily pregnant mares who are struggling with no one to look after them.

That is why your support could mean the difference between life and death for foals like Moonflower and Ida.

And your donations will help us towards vital equipment, vet fees and the 24-hour care needed for weak, pregnant mares and their vulnerable foals. 

Our wonderful supporters will also help the Sanctuary pay for the years of training needed to find these youngsters kind and loving homes.

Every year we save the lives of mares and their foals. But we can’t do it without your generous support.

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