Jacob’s Story
August 12, 2020
COVID-19 Update
November 5, 2020

Thanks to your incredible and ongoing support we have been able to spend the past nine months rehabilitating 5-year-old Phoenix. He and his dam had been abandoned by his owner on an elderly lady’s property and she could not cope with them.

Under the Control of Horses Act (2015), World Horse Welfare worked with the landowner to carefully manage the situation and we agreed to provide Phoenix and his dam Phaedra with the sanctuary for life they desperately needed. The case is an excellent example of how we regularly work together with other equine charities to help horses and ponies in plight. You can see from the pictures that poor Phoenix was significantly underweight.

Since their arrival in February, both horses have required specialist care and veterinary treatment. Our grooms and veterinary team have worked hard to ensure that they recovered and gained weight.

We decided to move Phoenix to our Upcott Park Sanctuary where there is plenty of grazing, and this is where he started to thrive. Phoenix has now gained 30kg in just four weeks – a massive improvement and one the team were all relieved to see at last.