Before you begin reading about our rescued horses and ponies please read this update on our rehoming measures in light of the most recent coronavirus containment advice:

We are continuing to welcome expressions of interest in rehoming our rescued horses and ponies and will progress these as far as possible.

However, rehoming visits to see our available horses and ponies have been put on hold. This is in order to safeguard the dedicated grooms looking after our 200 horses.

Instead, our equine rehoming team will be working from home and will be available on the phone or via email to lend support, advice and assist with any equine concerns or issues, or if you are interested in rehoming.

For more on our coronavirus measures click here:


We work hard to find loving, knowledgeable forever homes for as many of the horses in our care as we can.

All of them deserve the chance to have a fulfilling life in a new home where they can enjoy one-to-one care and attention, whether that’s as a companion or a ridden horse.
Each time a horse is rehomed, a space becomes free and we can rescue another horse. This enables us to continue to play an active part in the rescue and rehabilitation of the many more horses in desperate need of our help.

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We find the perfect match

Our ponies and horses are rehomed on a loan basis, once we are sure you and the horse are perfectly matched.

We have three specially designed loan schemes; Our ever popular Standard Loan, Prime Pastures, offering veterinary support and Play School, helping to give the best start possible to young horses.

We make sure each horse undergoes a thorough veterinary and behavioural assessment as well as comprehensive training while they’re with us. This means that we get to know them very well so when it’s time to find them a new home, we can successfully match them with the most suitable applicant.

It’s not in the interests of the Sanctuary or the horse for us to match you with an unsuitable animal. We always describe the horses completely honestly, as well as providing you with their full veterinary history. In addition to this, we are always available to offer help and advice even after you have taken your new horse home.


Rehoming a horse from us is easy

  1. Complete our online Loan Application form.
  1. We will contact you to discuss any horses that may suit you.
  1. Visit the horses where you can meet and thoroughly try out any potential new four-legged friends.
  1. We will visit you so we can see that the horse will be a suitable match for their new environment.
  1. Come and collect your new friend and his individual rehoming pack.
Member of staff with pony

How Rehoming Works

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Following your application, we will call you to discuss any horses who may be a match for you. We then invite you to meet the horse at the Sanctuary, as well as our rehoming team who are all about finding the right match to best suit our horse’s needs and yours – hopefully it’ll be a match made in heaven!

Once your perfect partner is reserved we will arrange to come and visit the place where your new horse will live, and all being well you can collect your new horse after this.

Our horses are trained to be handled and ridden using techniques based around how horses learn. This is ensures our horses have a really positive training experience and it also means you can welcome a horse into your home that is confident and well adjusted.

We also give our horses the opportunity to experience and be familiarised with many different scenarios and objects – from rug-fitting and veterinary checks, to traffic, gym balls and flags!

We believe it is important to be completely honest about any behavioural or health requirements of your new horse, so before you take them home you will know everything about them. And the support doesn’t stop there, our team have years of experience of supporting guardians with their horses in their new lives together so are on hand should you ever need their help and advice.

We do not charge for rehoming a horse from The Mare & Foal Sanctuary, but we do ask for a £30 deposit for their passport. As a registered charity, we do of course welcome any donation from you to help fund the future training of horses in our care as well as to enable us to continue tour vital work in rescuing and helping horses in need across the UK.


Rehoming Schemes

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Our long-running rehoming scheme that has found many horses loving homes.

Prime Pastures Loan Scheme

This loan scheme is tailored to the specific needs of horses and ponies who have known health concerns.

Play School Loan Scheme

If you have the experience to continue basic training of a youngster this may be the scheme for you.


Mr Squeak is looking for a home as companion with ridden potential.

  • Dear all at M&F, It is just 5 months since Sapphire came to live with us and I can honsetly say we’ve never been so happy. She is everything the Sanctuary told us about her, her manners are perfect, very happy to work and good with our other horses. Sapphire has been to several shows doing Novice Working Hunter and Showjumping. She has many rosettes already including one 1st place. We’ve been on two fun rides when she acts like a child in a sweet shop. It seems to be very new to her. We adore her, we feel like we’ve won the lottery. P.S. We’ve recommended you to several people already.
    Phil and Paula with Sapphire
  • I approached the Mare and Foal sanctuary last year to see if I could help by providing a home for a horse, as I had space in the yard which was not being used. I currently have two ponies on the playschool scheme with the aim of continuing their education until they are ready to return to the centre to be backed and, hopefully, rehomed as riding ponies. I was very impressed by the level of handling the ponies had had before they arrived, and the scheme is incredibly rewarding as you see the ponies develop their characters and confidence, while continuing their training in the knowledge that you are giving them the best possible preparation for whatever they will go on to do in the future.
    Sarah with Violet and Vitani
  • I have had Porscha for about 10 years now, we met when she was a yearling. She had big ears and big knees but luckily she has eventually grown into them. She loves to be groomed and fussed with. Porscha loves to go out exploring although not the boldest of horses which keeps me on my toes. She likes cross country (when she decides the logs aren’t monsters) but does find flat work hard & boring. Porscha is my Equine soulmate and I feel extremely lucky to have developed a partnership with her. She is certainly part of the family and is quite famous amongst friends.
    Sharon with Porscha

Why Rehome


Our horses have been thoroughly assessed by our vet and given the time they need to complete their training to ensure they are ready to begin their new life.


You make such a positive difference to a horse’s life. Our horses have needed our help through no fault of their own, and all deserve a loving, forever home.


Every time a horse is rehomed, it gives us more time to spend on another horse that desperately needs our help. You’ll be helping more horses to get the care they need.