Buttermilk & Marley
June 2, 2020
June 2, 2020

Orphan foal Ava was found terrified on Dartmoor at only a few weeks old. Her mum had died out on the moor, leaving Ava completely alone. Something had to be done quickly, as Ava had multiple health issues and needed our specialist care: pneumonia, stomach and liver problems, and she was very underweight.

We brought Ava to Beech Trees, our veterinary and welfare centre, where our staff gave her 24-hour care for over three months. They stayed overnight at the centre, fed her every two hours, and kept a close eye on her with round the-clock care. It was touch and go whether she would pull through.

Luckily, Ava is a fighter and after these months of expert care she was healthy enough to leave quarantine and go out in a field with other young ponies. After careful management of her food intake, she now weighs a very healthy 116kg – almost twice her arrival weight – and is growing daily.

Head of Equine Sally Burton said: ‘It’s been a difficult few months for Ava. When she came to us she was very frightened. Our grooms have done an amazing job, not only keeping her alive, but keeping her calm, engaged, well fed and happy. It’s down to them that she has pulled through and is thriving.’