June 2, 2020
June 2, 2020

Missie is one of 25 horses based at our South Manor retirement yard. Although we call them ‘retired’, these ponies include those with the most complex, long-term care needs.

They each have their own health issues and need specific medication, as well as an individualised care routine. Our specialist grooms make sure all the ponies here live out their days in comfort and free from pain, with quality of life our top priority.

When Missie arrived at the sanctuary she had a number of health problems: Cushing’s disease, a heart murmur, metabolic syndrome and cataracts. We were told that she only had a few months to live and immediately determined that she would spend her last days relaxing, being loved and cared.

However, thanks to the expert care of our grooms, four years later she is happy and feeling better than ever! She loves galloping around the field and playing with her friends. Of course, we always keep an eye on her and she has weekly check-ups with our vet, Richard. She is living proof that, with love and the right care, every pony can enjoy a happy, active life.

Here at sanctuary she’ll be valued as a sentient being for the rest of her days.