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Can you help provide horses like Robin and Daisy with a safe home?

Robin and Daisy were suffering in deep mud. They desperately needed a safe, warm and dry home.   

Last winter, our Welfare Advisor Leah heard of two horses in a desperate situation surrounded by deep mud. Robin and Daisy were huddled together on a small, raised mound trying to keep out of the worst of it. Due to the depth of the mud surrounding them, they were unable to move around freely or lie down to sleep 

Because of your support, our Welfare Outreach Team have worked on an incredible 40 active welfare cases involving 186 horses this year. These cases often involve heart breaking situations, like Robin and Daisy’s. The team support each other and work hard to find the best solutions for the horses involved and their owners.  

Robin and Daisy were suffering in deep mud

Their field shelter had collapsed and the surrounding fencing and gates were broken. The living conditions were hazardous.  

Robin had sores on his tail head and under his mane, as well as patches of alopecia. He had sweet itch which was unmanaged. His feet were overgrown and caked in mud. Daisy also had overgrown feet, with a large painful crack from top to bottom on the left hind hoof.  

Our welfare outreach team took action

Leah reached out to the owner and it was agreed that the horses needed to come into our care. We were relieved that a positive solution could be reached.  

On the day of the rescue, seven members of our welfare outreach team made the journey to the site where Robin and Daisy were kept. They took panels and hired a large lorry as both horses were nervous and Robin had previously been described as extremely difficult to load.  

Unfortunately, the deep mud meant the lorry couldn’t reach the field, so the road had to be closed and panels used to herd the horses into the lorry. Thankfully, our welfare outreach team are experienced at handling this kind of situation, so they managed to successfully load the two horses. At times they were knee deep in thick mud. It was a long and tiring day for our dedicated team.  

They now have a safe, warm and dry home

It’s wonderful to see how well Robin and Daisy are getting on. They are safe now and will have lifelong, loving care with us.  

Robin’s sweet itch is under control. He wears a Boett rug which covers him as much as possible and has lotion applied to his tail head and the area under his mane daily. Now that he is feeling better, his lovable nature has come through. He enjoys interacting with his grooms.  

Daisy took a little longer to gain confidence. However, she has just received a clean bill of health to start her ridden career. Daisy now has a calmer more relaxed outlook. 

It’s a desperate time for horses and their owners

The last few years have presented many challenges for horse owners. Sadly, we have seen many people struggling to cope.   

If we weren’t here to step in and help Robin and Daisy then their health would have continued to deteriorate. The poor living conditions left them exposed to the winter weather. They couldn’t get dry and they couldn’t move from the small, raised mound they were huddled together on.  

Robin and Daisy were in a desperate situation. With your support, we rescued them and have given them a brighter future.