Chandrani and Chandler

Sanctuary for life for Chandrani and Chandler

We recently rescued a mare and foal from a complex situation involving 12 other equines. The adorable Dartmoor colt foal, named Chandler, and his dam Chandrani are enjoying their new home.

It’s thanks to your love and support that these mares and foals will now have a safe sanctuary for life. The foals will be able to enjoy growing up together as companions.

After recovering and adjusting to their new environment at our Beech Trees unit, the mares and their foals were slowly introduced to each other in adjacent fields over Christmas. They demonstrated strong signs of natural bonding by mutual grooming through the boundary fence.

Early in the new year we moved all four to the same field and our Sanctuary Care team says the whole operation couldn’t have gone better. Both mares and foals are displaying natural herd behaviours, growing in confidence and interacting well. Chandrani is a little behind the others in her training, but her grooms are encouraged with her progress. We’ll continue to share their stories through regular updates.

Chandrani and Chandler in the field