Merry’s new home

Rehoming is just one of the ways that you can support us, enabling more room at our sanctuaries for urgent rescues. Ruth knew when she met Merry that she’d make the perfect companion

Merry’s story is the kind that stays with you. She arrived emaciated, riddled with lice, mites and internal parasites and in foal. She was traumatised, resulting in showing defensive behaviour. It took a long time to build back her trust and rehabilitate her physically.

Everyone at the sanctuary was thrilled when Merry found a wonderful home with Ruth after everything that she’d been through. “Merry has settled in incredibly well.” Ruth said: “It’s like she’s always been here. She’s a lovely addition to our family.”

Ruth explained why she chose to rehome Merry: “I’ve fostered horses in the past from The Mare and Foal Sanctuary, so it was without hesitation that I chose to rehome Merry. I always feel supported by the welfare advisers. I know the horses are so well looked after and the charity does such fabulous work helping horses in need.”