Nutkin’s breathing easy with new nebuliser treatment

Equine asthma is triggered by allergies. In Nutkin’s case he’s allergic to the dust present in hay and bedding, as well as pollen. This makes managing his condition tricky because he struggles in both the stable and field. Luckily, our expert Sanctuary Care team, under veterinary guidance, trained Nutkin to use a nebuliser.  

The nebuliser encloses Nutkin’s muzzle, so he breathes in the aerosol medication. As you can imagine, this is an unusual feeling for a horse. Our behaviour team started to train Nutkin to get used to having something over his nose using a grazing muzzle. Slowly, Nutkin was able to wear the nebuliser and have his medication.  

Nutkin’s assigned groom, Rhiannon, told us how pleased she is with his progress: “I’m so proud of all the hard work the team has put in to help Nutkin. Without his nebuliser Nutkin’s breathing can become very laboured, but now he can live a very happy life with his field mates.” 

Pony wearing a nebuliser