Sonnet’s safe sanctuary

Sonnet had a challenging start in life. It is thanks to your support that we were able to provide her with the loving care she needed to recover.

In 2012, Sonnet was found trapped in a barn with twenty other horses. It was clear from their condition that the horses had been in the barn for some time without proper care.

It was the silence in the barn that struck Sonnet’s rescuers. With horses, usually comes the sounds of munching hay and rustling of bedding but in that barn, there was nothing.

Sonnet was so emaciated and weak that she spent two weeks in a veterinary hospital receiving intensive care before she could come to one of our peaceful sanctuaries and begin her rehabilitation. It was a long road for Sonnet. Physically, she fully recovered, but because of her past experiences she remains nervous in certain situations. She was happily rehomed for many years before returning to us when she developed Cushing’s disease which was causing bouts of laminitis.

Because of these lifelong, but manageable, health concerns the decision was made that Sonnet would remain at Coombe Park. She’s a very sweet mare and is content with her routine at the sanctuary.

Without your support Sonnet’s story could have had a very different ending.

White pony in a wooden stable