Zahra’s rehoming update

Some of our supporters may remember Zahra, who came to us in an awful condition back in 2012. Before she arrived she had been starved. The malnutrition she experienced during her young life meant that the cartilage around her body didn’t develop in the way it should. This caused Zahra lifelong deformities meaning she needs extra care and monitoring to ensure she stays comfortable.

Zahra’s carer Lesley rehomed her just after the pandemic when we were able to restart rehoming. Lesley provides her with the best possible care and Zahra has become one of the family.

Lesley said: ‘Zahra is so at home here, it feels as if she’s always been with us. She’s really blossomed and you can see in her face how relaxed ‘When we saw the competition to win pictures from photographer Fiona Crawford, I leapt at the chance. I wanted to capture Zahra and it was a perfect opportunity to support The Mare and Foal Sanctuary further. I have three of the pictures on my bedroom wall!’

We couldn’t have asked for a better home for Zahra!


Zahra and her carer