Thank you to players of The Postcode Lottery

June 22, 2020
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August 12, 2020
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Thank you to players of The Postcode Lottery

We’re pleased to announce that thanks to the players of The Postcode Lottery, we’ve been awarded a grant of £19,999 for our sustainability project ‘Look to Longer Term’ which focuses on combating climate change, by adopting ways that contribute to sustaining the living planet, at each of our six sanctuaries across Devon.

Our local community has recently struggled with the damage and disruptive effects of climate change such as storms and flash flooding. With winters getting wetter and summers getting drier, we are looking at ways we can make our work more sustainable.

This project will allow us to collect and re-use large volumes of rain water which will then be used to benefit both the horses and ponies at the Sanctuary. The collected water will be used for horses’ drinking water, which is much healthier for the horses as it is free from additives. It will also be used for soaking hay, bathing horses, cleaning yards. It would reduce our mains water bill and reduce demand on the mains water system.

We are passionate about teaching people of all ages how the world around us works and how we can have a positive and sustainable impact on this. This grant will also help us to plant wildlife friendly areas and set up composting facilities, which will be incorporated into our Education and Equine Assisted Learning programmes. Children and young adults will receive first-hand experience of the physical, mental and social benefits of gardening and outdoor learning, such as the relief of stress and anxiety.

‘Look to Longer Term’ will not only benefit the horses and ponies at our Sanctuary and improve our sustainability, but it will also aim educate the next generation about the natural world around us.

A huge thank you to players of the Postcode Lottery for making this project possible.