Training Tikka

Lucy and Tikka

Training Tikka

Tikka is a skewbald moorland pony who was rescued in 2016 along with 16 others who were at risk of being destroyed by their owner.

She was very uncomfortable around people and not much was known of her early life. It is believed she had been running on Dartmoor for several years by the time she was rescued. Tikka was put out into a field to become used to people and her new life. Some basic training was tried with her, but progress was very slow. Early in 2021 Lucy Jewell took over as her handler and Tikka began her clicker training in earnest.

Lucy says: “We don’t know Tikka’s full history, but there are so many factors that could contribute to her behaviour. We have had to give her a long time to relax into being in the yard, but she is really starting to come into her own now.

”Fast forward a few months and many hours of training and Tikka now enjoys human company. Her new training programme has resulted in Tikka learning to respond to several cues.

Lucy adds: “I’m currently working with Tikka on being comfortable with touch which is something she struggles with. My dream is to get her to the point where she could be rehomed. She thrives on one-to-one interaction and a loving and knowledgeable home would be brilliant for her, but we’ll have to see how she gets on.”

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