April and Lola

April and Lola came to us in summer 2021. April is a bay thoroughbred with a big personality. Lola is a palomino Shetland who loves fuss. Sadly, their owner died. As a result, they were being cared for by the owner’s daughter who had recently had a baby. The owner’s daughter was struggling with looking after the pair, so she called the Mare and Foal Sanctuary for support.

Horse with volunteers

We were able to provide a place for them and the pair are now thriving. Our no-shame advice policy means anyone can come to us with their concerns. We will listen to owners concerns with an open mind. We want those who care for equines to know that they can come to us before a problem turns into a crisis.

People like April and Lola’s former owner know they have somewhere to turn if caring for their horse or pony becomes difficult. Our goal is to keep an equine with its owner whenever possible. When safety or circumstances make that difficult, and we can take an equine into our care we will provide life-long sanctuary.