We love hearing about the difference our rescued horses and ponies make to the lives of the people who care for them. Lola is an 11-year-old palomino Shetland who went to live with her carer family as a companion to a ridden pony last spring.

Child stood in a field with a pony

She has settled in marvellously and has instantly become part of the family. Her carer, Natasha, explains why Lola is such a special pony: “Lola is so soft, gentle and loving – she’s amazing in every way. She is brilliant with my daughter who is only two but grooms and cares for Lola every day. We have a ridden pony and when my daughter goes for a ride Lola always comes too.

“Lola is also great with my son who has autism. He loves to groom her and she adores the fuss and attention. She really is everything we could have wanted and more. Rehoming from the Mare and Foal Sanctuary has been great. We’ve had lots of regular contact and tips and advice. We hope we might even be able to rehome another in the future. We just wish we’d done it sooner!”

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