We are always a friendly voice for anyone who isn’t coping with the care and welfare of their equine(s) so when Tinkerman’s owner called us, we were glad they did, and the conversation resulted in us conducting an emergency rescue.

The owner knew that Tinkerman and two other young cobs, Duke and Darcy, were being kept in unsuitable conditions and the landlord had even tied one of them to a derelict caravan because they kept escaping from their small area of land.

To make matters worse, poor Tinkerman had endured a serious wound to his left foreleg – the result of being spooked and injuring himself as he bolted. It was this that led to the owner recognising that they couldn’t cope any more.


Luckily, we had the time and space to take Tinkerman and his friends in and knew that leaving them in situ wasn’t an option. Once safely in our care, having been voluntarily signed over to us, the three cobs began their rehabilitation. Once he’d learned to trust us, Tinkerman was a sweet boy and allowed the vet to treat his wound. We couldn’t apply a bandage as it was in an awkward spot, so we had to keep it clean by washing it daily and using antibiotic spray. We took photographs every day to ensure the wound was clearing up and after a few weeks, it had healed and Tinkerman was able to stretch his legs with a gallop with his friends.