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There are many ways that you can donate to help us rescue even more horses and ponies in need and continue providing life long, loving care.

We’ve rescued over 1,000 horses and ponies and brought them back to health. We rely entirely on donations and legacy gifts to carry out our work. A donation today can help to sustain our ability to offer sanctuary for horses and ponies.

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By setting up a Direct Debit you are helping us to plan more effectively for the future of the charity and for the horses and ponies within our care. Each of our equines have a sanctuary for life with us. With over 600 equines under our care, we need to have the resources to care for them, from feed and farrier care to vet visits and medications. We also need to be able to rescue more equines who need our help. So please, if you can, help give our horses and ponies the future the deserve. Start a monthly donation today.

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