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Ava and her teddy bear

Ava and her teddy bear

Ava was only a few weeks old when she was spotted alone on the moors.

Worried residents suspected her mother had died of colic and phoned a nearby charity, but their yard was full so they called us, knowing that Ava would stand the best chance of survival at our specialist veterinary centre.

She was dangerously underweight, weighing 119lbs (54kg) when she arrived and had been without milk for days. When our vets did their initial assessment they found she had symptoms of pneumonia, and other problems with her liver and stomach.

We knew we had to act quickly.

Our team worked round the clock to make sure Ava was safe and had everything she needed, including a teddy bear for company.

A malnourished Andalusian horse


Hugo and his companion Gabriel were found severely underweight and suffering with sores when we rescued them in June 2022. We were shocked to find these two magnificent Andalusian horses in this state.

These beautiful horses lived in the South West of England with an owner experiencing difficult circumstances. Our Welfare Outreach team worked hard to secure the best outcome for Hugo and Gabriel from start to finish, with assistance from the RSPCA to help us intervene as their welfare situation worsened. The pair were in urgent need of sanctuary.

Robin and Daisy

Robin and Daisy were suffering in deep mud. They desperately needed a safe, warm and dry home.   

Last winter, our Welfare Advisor Leah heard of two horses in a desperate situation surrounded by deep mud. Robin and Daisy were huddled together on a small, raised mound trying to keep out of the worst of it. Due to the depth of the mud surrounding them, they were unable to move around freely or lie down to sleep